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TSE “Challenge to be Great” Scholarship Fund

Keowee Falls Cliffs Residents Outreach to partner with school


Tamassee-Salem Elementary School, with the support of Keowee Falls Cliffs Residents Outreach, Inc. (CRO), is starting a scholarship fund for the 2022 Tamassee-Salem Elementary School 5th grade class.   The purpose of this scholarship is to challenge students to believe that with hard work and determination,  they can reach greatness. Upon graduation, each eligible student will receive a $1000 scholarship to attend the two- or four-year post-secondary school of their choice. An important component of this initiative is the mentoring students will receive from the TSE Challenge to be Great Committee.  Members of the committee will meet with students at the completion of each semester to discuss their academic progress, the growth of the scholarship fund and the importance of education.  Keowee Falls CRO has partnered with Tamassee-Salem Elementary since 2009, providing gap funding for technology, intervention materials, and other needs within the school.  The initiative was announced at the TSE 5th Grade Graduation Ceremony on May 26th, 2022.

Mr. Bobby Norizsan, principal of Tamassee-Salem Elementary said, “We believe in the potential of all of our students, and believe all great rewards take great effort and perseverance.  As an educator, and a parent of a college student, I am incredibly grateful for the support of Keowee Falls CRO and can’t wait to see how this commitment helps positively impact TSE’s 2029 graduates of Walhalla High School.”  

Ms. Louise Hughes, a representative from Keowee Falls CRO, said, “We are excited about the potential impact of this investment for local children.  The prospect of this scholarship and the discussions with the Committee will be key for many students who will now be challenged to believe that they can, and should plan to not only graduate but to pursue higher education.

Students and families will receive complete eligibility criteria. 

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